We couldn’t say it any better.

“If work ethic and creativity are the keys to success, then I’m confident that you will be a big winner. Additionally, your commitment and perseverance in your endeavors is something to be admired.”

– The Honorable Sig Rogich

Former aide to President George Bush

“The night before the filing deadline, my husband and I met with Tom with the idea that I would run for judge – but with no idea what that process entailed. By the time we walked out of his office, we had a plan. We knew Tom had an amazing reputation as a campaign manager, and over the next 11 months we learned first-hand how he earned that reputation.”

– Judge Mary Kay Holthus

Clark County District Court, Department 18

“I think a lot of people can tell you to go up on TV or go up on radio, or go up o digital, but what Tom can do is tell you how to allocate your resources and how to focus those resources depending on what the message is.”

– Mark Hutchison

Former Lieutenant Governor, Nevada State Senator

“We don’t buy any media, all the media we do is earned media. There was one day in our first year when Tom was working with us after I hit a large verdict, I was on the front page of every single paper, not just in the United States, but every newspaper in the world. He’s a guru when it comes to this.”

– Robert Eglet

Nationally Renowned Trial Lawyer

“Tom’s approach and experience kept me grounded under the pressures of campaigning. He lived every moment of the campaign alongside me. At crunch time, in the weeks, days and hours leading up to the primary election, Tom was a tireless worker, advocate, teammate, mentor and friend. It was his guidance, campaign management and strategy that helped me to achieve the greatest goal in my professional life – serving the citizens of Las Vegas as the Judge in Las Vegas Justice Court Department 15.”

– Judge Melisa De La Garza

Elected Judge in 2018

“In any campaign there’s always things that come up that you don’t expect at all. For example, how to deal with a certain negative ad, that’s when you need somebody you can call, answer the phone immediately and give you advise, even if that advise is you don’t need to do anything, this is par for the course, this is what a campaign looks like.”

– Judge Carli Kierny

Elected Judge in 2020

“I can tell you this without fear of contradiction. If I ever ran for public office again, no matter what the office would be, I would never consider running unless Tom Letizia was the head of my campaign team.”

– Shelley Berkley

Former U.S. Congresswomen

“There are so many things that you look for in a political consultant: intelligence, experience, integrity, loyalty, and a ferocious work ethic. The good consultants will have some of these characteristics; the great ones will have them all. Tom Letizia is truly one of the great ones.

– Victoria Seaman

Las Vegas City Councilwoman, Ward 2

“It’s a weird balance with Tom, it’s that loyalty and that sincerity, but then it’s that intensity and aggressiveness. When you combine those things, you realize he’s the guy you want to hire. He’s the guy you want working on your behalf, fighting on your behalf.”

– Peter Guzman

President Latin Chamber of Commerce

“To have somebody who can sit there and say it’s going to be fine; we’ve got this planned out, somebody who has already worked out the map of how it’s going to work out. It totally gives you a sense of peace that we can do this, we can make it.”

– Heidi Almase

Elected Judge in 2020

“It’s like a train and it’s not stopping. So, you don’t really have time to sit around and formulate and debate and go back and forth, because the story could run and if you don’t have your comments or your quotes it could not be good for you.”

– Judge Belinda T. Harris

Elected Judge in 2020

Our first store was Planet Hyundai, the store at that time was suffering from a negative image, our first thoughts were to change the name, however Tom convinced us that he would be able to turn this around, needless to say he did just that, and helped the store to be in the top ten in volume nationally.”

– Don Tamburro

CEO Tamburro Management

“Tom Letizia handled my Hyundai store when I built the store in 2001. In just 3 years, we became the #1 Hyundai store in the world. Tom has continued to handle my Nissan store since we opened, where we have been the #1 Nissan store in the west for several years. Tom Letizia is a guy who gets the job done.”

– John Staluppi

Owner of Hyundai Dealerships

“One of the first and most important decision I had to make was choosing someone that would be by my side all of the tough moments and the great moments.”

– Judge Dee Butler

Elected Judge in 2020

“You tend to doubt yourself when you are going through a process like this. It’s great to have someone who always believes in you, who is going to tell you the truth, like you need to make these changes. They’re going to help you change what you need to change, and they’ll be there for you.”

– Judge Monica Trujillo

Elected Judge in 2020

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