Search Engine Marketing – SEM & PPC Las Vegas

The Letizia Agency philosophy for all client strategies can be summed up in the phrase “Everything Matters.” We believe there is a digital solution for every client. The execution of that solution will always be unique to their business and we strive to maintain an in depth understanding of which areas of online performance will yield the best return on investment. We base our search engine marketing strategy purely around our client’s stated goals, while continuously refining and optimizing to provide the highest quality traffic. We strive to provide affordable conversions that result in booked business.

Our Paid Search Marketing Strategy:

  • Quality keyword research and implementation reduces unnecessary clicks and wasted money.
  • Cost per click can be reduced through effective keyword analysis, enhancing your campaign as a whole.
  • Working in conjunction with your SEO strategy, targeting certain keyword groups can effectively bridge gaps in your overall marketing strategy.
  • Focused Geographical targeting allows maximum visibility on a local level.
  • Get top of page visibility instantly for terms you’re not reaching organically, or dominate more of the search page real estate for terms you are ranking for.

PPC & SEM Services:

Letizia’s PPC team of Google AdWords Certified Partners and Bing Ads Accredited Professionals will develop Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ad Copy and Keyword lists that directly represent the products and services you sell – and optimize your account regularly. We help identify optimal zip codes, cities, states, regions or countries that you would like your ad to run in, write professional ads for you, and generate the perfect keyword list to only get you traffic you want. We continually test out new keywords and ads, to find the best performing options, and eliminate all wasteful or poor performing Ads and Keywords. Lastly, we identify key conversion areas for your business – Phone calls, Lead Generation forms. Etc. – and optimize your campaign towards those goals to help you determine your ROI.

  • Text Based Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Display Remarketing
  • Video Advertising
  • Paid Search